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You can’t take an idea forward without the right people behind it. No wonder, then, that the city’s foremost business and music personalities have gotten together behind RadioMemphis.

Dan Oppenheimer

Chairman & CEO

This lifelong Memphian founded, owned and operated Rainbow Studios in downtown Memphis for over 25 years, only recently selling his studio and dedicating his time to a new venture - RadioMemphis. He is a successful musician, artist, investor, and businessman. The long list of start-ups that he has turned into profitable businesses include an audio electronics company, financial software company, and a commercial real estate holding company. Dan also owns several properties in the downtown Memphis historic district. His proven track record, excellent reputation, and ties to Memphis Music make him the ideal leader for RadioMemphis.

Randy Haspel

Senior Programmer

Being a programmer requires more than just a background in music. It requires an in-depth knowledge of recording, song writing, production and history. We are very fortunate to have found all these qualities and more in Randy Haspel. One of the original artists produced by Sam Phillips at Sun Records, Randy has published over 250 songs, working in Memphis, Nashville and New York. In addition to authoring a book on music history, Randy is a noted authority on Soul, Rock and Roll, and Modern Pop Music. He currently airs two radio programs in Memphis, and recently released a new Rhythm & Blues CD. With Randy’s talent and vast experience at the helm, RadioMemphis is assured of the very best in programming.

George Jacobs

Senior Consultant

You can’t fight the media battle without a general. With over 56 years of service as a broadcast engineer, George Jacobs is that man. In government service, he combined his engineering talents with diplomacy and a fierce belief in the free flow of information. Out of this dedication arose Voice of America, pioneered and developed by George, and Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, modernized by George after 1974. As an expert in the field of international frequency management, George has represented the U.S. at almost every major broadcasting conference convened by the International Telecommunication Union since 1949, and he is representing RadioMemphis today.

John Burton Tigrett


As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Memphis history, John had an uncanny eye for a successful venture. From the “drinking bird” toy which his toy manufacturing company produced in the ’50s, to American Trailways which he built into a national bus line, John always had the Midas touch when it came to business. Other successful business ventures include opening Communist Russia to American oil exploration and founding the Hard Rock Cafe with son Isaac and friend Sir James Goldsmith. From his home in downtown Memphis, John lent RadioMemphis savvy business advice and international experience.

Radio Memphis dedicates its commitment to excellence to John Burton Tigrett in perpetuity.

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