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Kick back and enjoy the funky little-known facts, what’s under the rock and behind the roll, and the world-class classic collection of longtime Memphis radio personality Alex Ward. With over 30 years broadcast experience in Memphis, Alex combines a love for the music invented in his hometown with a professional approach. In that time he has seen, heard or talked to just about everyone who’s anyone in Memphis music, in rock‘n’roll, in and on the scene. And he’s got the knowledge and the tapes to prove it.

[ Sun Studio Legends ]

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We’re not just talking Elvis Aaron Presley here, thank you, thank you very much. Sam Phillips, the man who personally birthed rock‘n’roll, maintains if the universe had tilted just a few degrees more to the left when he started recording regional musicians in the late ’40s, Howlin’ Wolf would be the actual godfather of rock‘n’roll. Sure, you got Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis shakin’ all night long. But who’s that lurking in the shadows? Charlie Feathers, Ike Turner, Frank Frost, rare stuff from the greatest vault in popular music history. All brought to you by the guys who make records at Sun Studio today.

[ Real Gone Cats ]

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Every Rockabilly knows the music started in Memphis. And every Rockabilly knows the music ain’t dead yet, daddy-o! From Prague to Osaka, from Austin to Amsterdam, Rockabilly’s got a bigger following now than it had in 1956. From Memphis originators to today’s best imitators and everything in between, Real Gone Cats is some real tough stuff, baby.

[ Memphis at Mid-Night ]

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Ah, Beale Street. The place where BB King, Rufus Thomas and countless others from the Delta came to sharpen their chops, hit their licks, and make their myths. The street still bustles with the down and dirty, the up and coming, the give-me-a-quarter-I’ll-play-you-some-blues. The Beat On Beale incorporates the sounds of the street, casual interviews with visitors from around the globe, and voices from its past and present glory, all the while proving Memphis and the Delta are still producing music that can change the world.

[ High Atop the Hotel Peabody ]

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Break out the champagne and relive the glitz and glamour of a bygone era when travelling big bands - Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, all the musical titans of their time and legends in ours — would regularly broadcast live from the fabulous Skyway, the art deco masterpiece on the rooftop of The Peabody, "The South’s grand hotel." Talk about in the mood.

[ Highway 61 ]

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Between the Mighty Mississippi River and the rest of the world runs a legendary road connecting the Delta to Memphis. For some it was the path to salvation; for others it led straight to hell. For all of us it carries a certain truth about life and love. Sometimes a solitary man with a beat up guitar sitting on a dusty porch is medicine for what ails us. At any time, the trip down will bring you up.

[ Memphis Soul Stew ]

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Take a bunch of blues, wash it off with whiskey; add a dash of backbeat, a spoonful of funk; blend together and top with a generous helping of gospel gravy. Memphis Soul Stew can be seasoned with just about anything: Stax, Hi, Motown, old, new, rhythm & blues, Memphis news. Regardless of what goes in the pot, it’ll make your mouth water.

[ Jazzmatazz ]

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It took two hundred years of cultural mixing in America to form America’s most original form of music, known as jazz. While other genres obviously loom larger in Memphis’ musical legacy, the truth is Memphis' contributions to Jazz (and vice versa) are anything but trivial. Tracing the connections is what makes Jazzmatazz fun. The music is what makes Jazzmatazz essential listening.

[ Can I Get An Amen ]

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On the eighth day, somebody had to make gospel music. God saw that there was a great need for musical salvation in the world, and God saw that gospel was good. All the high notes of heaven came down to save our souls, lighting the South in a time of of darkness, spreading the message of hope across the globe. In Memphis there's a church with a soul-stirring choir on every street corner. Outside Memphis there’s ‘Can I Get An Amen.’

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